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Mindfulness Workshop with Rob Brandsma

Mindfulness is moment-to-moment non-judgment awareness. To be mindful is to calmly observe what is happening in the present moment, allowing it to unfold with an open, welcoming attitude, without judgment, expectation or need to control any outcome. In this workshop we will learn about - and experience - the benefits of mindfulness, both for ourselves and for the clients and communities that we serve.

We will:
· Experience mindfulness through self-observation both in moving and in seated meditation
· Learn about the scientific research on mindfulness practice as a reducer of stress and anxiety and as an enhancer of clarity, focus and flow
· Discover a more positive mood, state of balance, inner confidence and compassion as we tap into our potential
· Explore how mindfulness can support the wellbeing of the people we work for, addressing their mental and emotional needs
· Cultivate greater resilience for ourselves to sustain our work and avoid burn-out

$ 100 Early bird offer (Payments until 10th of April) 
$ 150 Payments after the 10th of April
$ 75 Only Saturday

For more information or to register, please call Nikita Shahbazi on 81 719 818 or send an email to