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Restorative Yoga workshop with Mathilde Jazzar

With Mathilde Jazzar
Saturday 22nd of April 2017 /// 10am-12pm /// 40.000LL
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The pace of modern life, especially in Beirut, can be challenging for our minds and bodies. For most of us, stress has become a fact of life; restorative yoga focuses on undoing this stress. It's as effective as dynamic styles of yoga, but it also works on a deeper level. Since the restorative poses are held for a long time, they have a significant effect on both physical and mental health. During this workshop, expect a long sequence of supported poses, with the help of props, to unwind the major knots in your body and re-energize you. We will also practice gentle and soothing Pranayama (breath work) before ending our workshop with a deep relaxation.

Please note that the sequence is always different, so if you enjoyed this workshop before, do not hesitate to come back again!

Mathilde Jazzar discovered about yoga during her teenage years, which led her to attend Yoga Point's teacher training (Satyananda Yoga lineage) in 2012. She later completed Ananda Ashram's intensive 6-month residential teacher training in Pondicherry (Gitananda Yoga lineage), specialising in Yoga Therapy, Pranayama, Kriya and Tantra Yoga. She is currently studying Tantric Yoga under the guidance of Dr Jonn Mumford and is a certified Thai Healing Massage practitioner. Mathilde also holds a Master's degree in Philosophy and teaches at College Louise Wegman.