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YOGA & DETOX Weekend

6-8 October 2017
Les Racines du Ciel organic farm, Lassa

Autumn is here! Now is the time to purify your body and strengthen your immune system, in preparation for the cold season. Join us for a detox weekend which combines yoga sessions with a mono diet of apples (organic of course!) in an exceptional setting overlooking the Nahr Ibrahim valley.

What is a mono diet?
The mono diet is a period of time in which you eat only one food. The purpose of the mono diet is to give your body a chance to heal and cleanse. Reducing the food intake to one type of fruit eases digestion, thus allowing the body to re-alkalinize itself, detoxifying the liver and blood, and helping with weight loss. The apple is ideal for mono diets because of its anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and it is also known to reduce appetite.

Practicing yoga during a mono diet enhances the detoxifying effect. With classical Hatha Yoga postures, we will massage the digestive system and the organs, hence catalyzing the elimination process. With a lighter body and a clearer mind, we will then tackle some traditional yogic breathing exercises, making way for a state of meditation and calm. 
The yoga classes will be taught by Sarah Warde (Founder of Hamsa Yoga Space, Beirut) in English and/or French and are suited to all levels and physical conditions.

About Sarah:
Sarah first began practicing yoga 10 years ago. In 2010, she enrolled in a four-year yoga teacher training at the Ecole Française de Yoga in Paris. During her training, Sarah gave regular classes and workshops in various studios, for adults, kids, pregnant women and people with injuries. In late 2014, she returned to Lebanon and taught in various places, until she founded Hamsa Yoga Space, a unique yoga studio in the heart of Beirut which offers yoga classes for all, every day of the week. For more info:

The place
Participants will be lodged at the Racines du Ciel farm where fruits and vegetables are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The farm is located in Lassa and offers spectacular views over the Nahr Ibrahim valley as well as the possibility to hike in nature. For more info:

Double room 110 USD / participant
Dormitory 90 USD / participant

This workshop is only open to 8 registered participants. To book your spot, please call 03-605234 or email

NB: The mono diet is not recommended for people with special health conditions. Please contact us prior to registration if you have any health issues.

Schedule :

Friday 6th of October
6-7pm Participants arrive
8pm Light dinner (vegetable soup, steamed vegetables and salad)

Saturday 7th of October
8am Meditation
9am Breakfast (apples, apple juice and apple purée)
10am Visit to the orchard
11am-12.30pm Yoga
1pm Lunch (apples, apple juice and apple purée)
2pm Rest
4pm Walk in nature
6-7.30pm Yoga
8pm Dinner (apples, apple juice and apple purée)

Sunday 8th of October
7.30am Meditation
8am Breakfast (apples, apple juice and apple purée)
9-10.30am Yoga
11am Rest
12pm Lunch (vegetable soup, steamed vegetables and salad)
1pm End of the weekend