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Yoga Nidra workshop with Yasmine Sinno

Yoga Nidra is an efficient method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation in which the waking consciousness directs the unconscious to relax. Yoga Nidra is a 'sleep' where all burdens, stress, strain and anxiety are thrown off to attain a more blissful state of awareness, a relaxation much more intense than ordinary sleep. Incorporating Yoga Nidra as part of your practice, and allowing this complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation to awaken consciousness and direct the unconscious to relax, will shed light on the purpose of your life. In this workshop a special focus will be given to discovering your life aspiration or path by focusing on your Sankalpa, your own resolve. The workshop will start with a gentle asana practice to prepare the body for the actual Nidra practice, a 1-hour guided meditation in Savasana (corpse pose). A Tibetan bowl bath will follow to release blocked energy and bring the body back into alignment, creating the conditions for deep healing. Afterwards, there will be time for questions and answers about personal experiences.




Earlier Event: March 12
Sacro-Iliac Joint workshop