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Yoga Nidra workshop with Yasmine Sinno

'Connect with your inner truth'
SATURDAY 13th February 10am-12pm 25$

As many of the great thinkers of our time have said, you get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Being clear about who you want to become or what qualities you want to develop can give you purpose and power in life. One way to develop this purpose is to incorporate Yoga Nidra as part of your practice, bringing this complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation to your waking consciousness and directing the subconscious to relax.
A special focus will be given to discovering your life aspiration or path by focusing on your Sankalpa, your own resolve.
The workshop will start with a gentle asana practice to prepare the body for the actual Nidra practice, a 1-hour guided meditation in savasana (corpse pose). A Tibetan bowl bath will follow to release blocked energy and to bring the body back into alignment, creating the conditions for deep healing. Afterwards there will be time for questions and answers about personal experiences.
Please bring warm clothes and a blanket. Avoid eating 2 hours prior to the practice.