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Chakra Tuning workshop with Maria Pamoukian

In this 2-hour workshop, we will explore 'spanda' - the natural rhythm of the subtle body as it harmonizes internally and externally. When we are not in tune with the greater scale of life and nature around us, we may experience loss of energy and focus - literally being out of tune. The practices of yoga connect us more deeply to this natural rhythm, the unifying vibration, so that we can better synchronize with the orchestra of our lives and increase our vitality. One powerful yogic practice is chakra tuning: an intricate combination of asana, breathing, and sound chanting, moving sequentially through all the chakras along the subtle body. Each chakra represents an aspect of our lives much like a section in the orchestra. When one section is out of tune, the whole ensemble is affected. By adjusting each chakra we create more harmony in our lives, resonating positive vibrations within and around us. We will move through each chakra, with the corresponding meaning, postures, and chants, working our way to better tuning and higher vibrations. 

Please note: As a recently certified health coach, Maria is now offering private coaching sessions. She will be available from 12-1pm after the workshop for a free introductory session on what health coaching is all about, so please come by for more information.

Registration is mandatory: