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Back Bending workshop with Yasmine Sinno

BBack bending can be one of the most challenging varieties of posture in our asana practice. It goes against the natural way we hold and move our bodies. We slouch forward and move forward; backbends take us in the opposite direction. They force us to be a bit vulnerable—essentially removing the shield that protects our hearts and emotions. Yet the benefits of back bends are endless. On a physical level they stimulate the central nervous system, boost the immune system, realign and increase mobility in the spinal column, open the hips and strengthen and stretch the legs. On an energetic level back bends allow for deep heart opening, giving us an opportunity to learn how to become more patient with ourselves and to persevere with our tasks. In this workshop we will learn alignment techniques to incorporate into our back bending practice; using a creative flow sequence, we will warm up the body to help create front body stretches and cultivate awareness around the back of the heart. We will then move toward deeper back bending postures to invigorate the back followed by seated and supine twists.

Fee: 25$
Registration is mandatory:
Places are limited.